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Help Please: Internet & Phone Service Provider

Welcome to Café KIV, a place to meet with other parents and post comments on any topic you wish. Discuss movies you've seen, places you've been, or even your best method of taking time from the kids.

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Help Please: Internet & Phone Service Provider

Postby 2plus2 on Sun May 29, 2011 2:22 pm

Our monthly bill is $170+!!! DH typically looks after the bills but is out of work at the moment so I am taking them on. Blessing in disguise as we really need to talk more about our finances.... Am I crazy or is this absolutely ridiculous? (not a rhetorical question.. or, am I just that non-informed about the cost of these expenses?) If you don't mind sharing, I would really appreciate hearing from you how much you pay for these services, who you are with, what sort of package you have, etc. DH also has a cell phone: $80+ month.

Our "needs" are cell for him, long distance plan, internet... TV is a nice to have but I am sure there are alternatives with internet, net flicks... any suggestions?

Thanks for your help!
KI(vic) Member
KI(vic) Member
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Re: Help Please: Internet & Phone Service Provider

Postby Annikki on Sun May 29, 2011 2:29 pm

We are will Shaw for Phone, Internet and TV and the cost floats between $135-$160 depending on long distance calls (4 cents a minute) and if we order a movie to two.

We have two cells phones for $90
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KI(vic) Member
KI(vic) Member
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Re: Help Please: Internet & Phone Service Provider

Postby madiola on Sun May 29, 2011 6:12 pm

I right now got a deal with telus. Internet is 9.99 Phone is under 25 bucks and then I think it goes up VERY slightly forn there in 6 months and Satellite TV with PVR is 45 a month and goes up to 65 in 6 months.
I price compared to Shaw, and this is a better deal for sure.

I dont use a cell phone as they cost way too much!
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KI(vic) Member
KI(vic) Member
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