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Island Parent Articles!

Take a look at this month's articles provided by Island Parent Magazine. Each month you'll find new articles with topics on parenting your children of any age. Written largely by local authors, these articles provide some great perspectives related to parenting, both on and off the island.

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First, Second, Third: Birth Order & Its Impact on Personality First, Second, Third: Birth Order & Its Impact on Personality
Growing up an eldest child, I always resented my younger brother. He never had to do anything. I was always the one who had to unload the dishwasher, make the lunches, vacuum the house and scrub the toilets. In response ...
posted: Jan 29, 2014  |  views: 371  |  comments: 0
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A Green Re-Boot A Green Re-Boot
I’m getting pretty good at remembering my reusable bags when I go shopping. I have a sturdy, ultra-compact set that live in my purse when they’re not in use or being cycled through the laundry, which means I don’t ...
posted: Jan 29, 2014  |  views: 232  |  comments: 0
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10 Tips to Help Shrink Your Grocery Bill 10 Tips to Help Shrink Your Grocery Bill
We all know how to grocery shop, don’t we? After all, we do it almost every week. Can we do it better, though? In school no one teaches us how to do this most fundamental living chore. We learn some ideas from our pare...
posted: Jan 7, 2014  |  views: 260  |  comments: 0
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Piggy Banks & Pocket Money: Financial Literacy for Children Piggy Banks & Pocket Money: Financial Literacy for Children
Vending machines. I curse them every time they greet me in the lobby of our local swimming pool. Not only do they tempt my children with unhealthy high-salt, high-fat, high-sugar treats, but they have the nerve to displa...
posted: Jan 7, 2014  |  views: 467  |  comments: 0
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Embracing the Seasons Embracing the Seasons
Our West Coast seasons may be mild, but we still have them and I am grateful for that. There’s something reassuring about the endless turning of nature’s wheel: from dark to light, from cold to hot, from dormant to a...
posted: Jan 7, 2014  |  views: 205  |  comments: 0
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Torn: Motherhood vs. Career Torn: Motherhood vs. Career
Nearly four years ago, I had my first of two children, a daughter. I was overjoyed with her birth and excited to begin this next phase of my life. My one year maternity leave turned into a parental leave, which turned in...
posted: Jan 7, 2014  |  views: 364  |  comments: 0
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Learning From the Muffin Man: Baking with Children Learning From the Muffin Man: Baking with Children
Learning from the Muffin Man: Baking with Children Sugar cookies flooded with icing, sanded with sugar and topped with coloured jimmies and silver dragées. Gingerbread houses with heart-shaped candy cane windows, gr...
posted: Nov 19, 2013  |  views: 330  |  comments: 0
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Ways to Give Ways to Give
This season, don’t just ask what your children want to get for Christmas, ask how they want to give. When children are involved in the gift-giving process, they learn the joys of contributing and helping others. Whethe...
posted: Nov 19, 2013  |  views: 373  |  comments: 0
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The Empathy \'Band-Aid Solution\' The Empathy 'Band-Aid Solution'
Our home has become band-aid obsessed. Somewhere along the way, our children discovered that band-aids have magical healing powers, whether there be blood or no blood, scratch or no scratch. Now, band-aids are one of the...
posted: Nov 19, 2013  |  views: 211  |  comments: 0
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When Less is More When Less is More
It took me three days to dig through and reduce my five- and seven-year-olds’ belongings by more than half. I was inspired in part by Kim John Payne’s brilliant book, Simplicity Parenting. Payne has some insightful t...
posted: Nov 19, 2013  |  views: 443  |  comments: 0
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